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The x6coin is a fast, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency like bitcoin. A free basic income distribution model developed to help low income families in the Philippines and in other third world countries. x6coin is a unique approach to charitable giving. When a donation is made, that donation can then be staked by the recipient, turning that donation into a way for the recipient to further generate income from it. This is very important in helping achieve the goal of x6coin by bringing basic income generation to poverish or unbankable countries through acts of charity. All of this paired with the nature of blockchain technology makes for a very effective way to bring basic income generation to those who need it. x6coin is fast, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency SPECIFICATIONS Algo: Hybrid Scrypt Proof Of Stake (POS) Cryptocurrency Max Supply – 60,000,000 X6 Stake Reward Rate = 1% /year Main Net Launch Date = November 4th 2018 |300K Pre Mine (100K On 3 Nodes) For Processing Transactions




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