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Zero fees and scalable. Meet the blockchain that will help your project stand out and flourish. We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful decentralized application of any kind. \\r\\n**The Idea: The x42 protocol started as a small project focused on making a blockchain that could support ideas from small developers without charging a lot, and allowing for the end product of those same developers to be published in the same place they were designed. Test networks became necessary, so they were added to each side blockchain.\\r\\n**The Design: Feeless. Near Instant. Proof of stake. Customizable side blockchains and smart contracts. Decentralized applications. No initial coin offering. And that is just what is already implemented. The x42 development team is working right now to make improvements to the existing platform and adding new features to the main blockchain.\\r\\n**The Build: As we began to work on the blockchain, we noticed that in addition to side blockchain projects, there is a need for a feeless alternative to cryptocurrency decentralized application (Dapp) publishing. So, C# smart contracts were also added to the build. This allowed the x42 main blockchain to support cryptocurrency, data and physical goods transactions in the form of smart contracts and final product R&D in the form of side blockchains.\\r\\n**The Launch: August 1st, 1833, England, UK. The Slavery Abolition Act. We at x42 believe in freedom above anything else, so exactly 185 years later we decided to launch this blockchain. This project was, from the start the means to an end, and that end is the complete economic freedom of every man, woman and child. The x42 core development team wishes you all a happy independence day.




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