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The Concierge Development Team are a group of individuals with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency development which we will carry through in the development of our own platform. Concierge Coin as a form of payment: 1) Concierge Coin (CCC) wallet will be at your fingertips to ensure access to making and receiving electronic payments over a broad-spectrum. Concierge Coin Wallet will support Peer-to-Peer payments that will allow you to transfer funds, around the world at minimal cost. In addition to blockchain based payments, CCC will be used as a form of payment on our integrated web and mobile application called “The Concierge”. 2) Physical CCC debit cards will enable holders to transact online and purchase goods directly at point of sale via traditional debit and credit card channels. Account status, balances, and transaction history will be able to view in our integrated mobile wallet. We are in the process of building our own ONE OF KIND new CONCIERGE SHOPPER ONLINE STORE. This Shopper Store will we fully operational soon and it will give our GREAT community a edge above all other Master Node Project with this GREAT service. We have MET ALL our commitments and roadmap objectives to date and we don’t plan on stopping that. Come join our discord and you'll be able to see all of the amazing opportunities you will have as a Concierge Community Member. Vote Now!



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