LumoCash is a community driven project, delivering to the crypto world an enhanced PoW/Masternode cryptocurrency, with fa..

ODIN Blockchain

ODIN Blockchain is an advanced blockchain based ecosystem providing a mobile focused platform with a mandate on privacy a..

Concierge Coin

The Concierge Development Team are a group of individuals with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrency and cr..


EverGreenCoin is a cryptocurrency built from the ground up to support environmental greeen efforts and help them fundrais..


Current version: 0.18.1 Supply: 84 million Block time: 2.5 mins Algo: Scrypt (replaced by Lyra2z at block 55000) Diffi..

Velox Project - Decentralization

Velox Token is an ERC-20 compliant token that has been created as a share structured currency for the upcoming VeloxBolt ..


BitcoinZ is a 100% Decentralized Community Driven Cryptocurrency. I has a fair background. There were NO ICO, NO premine,..


BITHOST COIN - Bitcost Coin is implemented with an aim to provide complete Cryptocurrency solution for hosting and to van..


Respawn will change the gaming industry by offering decentralized and irreversible payment options for gamers.


Hyperspace network is a decentralized global storage marketplace fueled by Space Cash cryptocurrency. Large cloud storage..


SUB1X is an ultra low supply MasterNodes coin. It has been over a year since the inception of SUB1X in ERC-20 format and ..


The Blockchain technology, which creates a permanent and transparent report on transactions, has a huge potential for sol..


Venox is a Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency [coin], based on the Zerocoin blockchain technology. It is a coin created by the..


Savle is an innovative airdrop based on users activity. Join now the discord channel to get some nice rewards!

Goldpoker Coin

Gold Poker is a decentralized open source crypto currency focused on Instant private transactions with near zero transact..

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