Mineable and stakeable cryptocurrency coins

KETOsis Coin

KETO MEETS CRYPTO: Two primary concerns of the human population are Health and Wealth. One must invest in either or both ..

POS ( Proof of Stake )

PoS coin will be the first true staking coin where you can stake your coins while you'll get a high interest rate. We..

Green Energy Token (GET)

Green Energy Token (GET) 750% PoS - Earn 1.8% Daily on Investment. Staking is more energy efficient compared to mining


Fibercoin Specification: Algorithm: POS/POW , Premine: 320,015(0.1%), Block Time: 114 Sec, PoS percentage: 114%, Min POS ..


EverGreenCoin is a cryptocurrency built from the ground up to support environmental greeen efforts and help them fundrais..


Savle is an innovative airdrop based on users activity. Join now the discord channel to get some nice rewards!


The x6coin is a fast, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency like bitcoin. A free basic income distribution model develo..

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